Italian luxury Flowers, Furniture & Accessories

The very first website I go to when I am searching for creative inspiration is VG New Trend. This creative, well thought out and original company explores flowers and plants, lighting, furniture, pottery and vases. They believe in exploring materials, shapes and textures from around the world to create dynamic vignettes. Their marketing and photographs complement their enchanting concepts. VG New Trend is an Italian luxury brand that explores interior and exterior environments. All of their items are hand crafted and of the highest quality filled with luxurious materials and textures. If God is in the details than this timeless company is heavenly!

VG New Trend White and green flowers

VG New Trend Contemporary Floral Design

VG New Trend Flower Bouquet in green and cream

VG New Trend white vases

VG New Trend Oversize Vases

VG New Trend Floral Vignette

VG new Trend Vases in black and white