RED Color Scheme

The emotionally intense color red in North America positively evokes thoughts of joy, celebration, passion, lust, love and romance.  This color can fight with itself between representing rage and anger to willpower and courage.  It is North America’s second favorite color- the first being blue.  It can stimulate the appetite which is why many restaurant designers include red elements in their designs.  Red is the color most easily recognized by the human eye making it great for signage or standing out in a crowd.  When it comes to color theory in Interior Design and decorating red is your number one knock out!

Below I am showing the seductive and romantic side of red that added in small touches can make any space have a passionate vibrance.

Red Color Scheme

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Canadian Home Decor

Chintz has long been known as western Canada’s home accents and accessories store. With Locations in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria they are managing to take over the West coast with international products one client at a time! Chintz prides itself in its little treasures that are sure to bring inspiration and drama to your home. They carry furniture, table linens, textiles, accessories, plants and outdoor furniture.

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Chitz and Company black and white striped chairChitz and Company egg chairChitz and Company side tableChintz and Company rock vase

Black and White Interior Design Color Scheme

Black and white interior design color scheme by Laura C Bielecki.

1. truffle
2. Amour 2
3. Lucerne Buffet Cabinet
4. Minosse Coffee Table
5. White Lola $695.00
6. Calligraphy mirror $400.00
7. Lace curtain
8. Bed
9. Pillow
10. Pillow
11. Pillow
12. Pillow
13. Pillow
14. nouveau
15. Cuscino
16. Soho
17. Black Cardoba Pillow
18. Amalfi Center Mirrors $330.00
19. Ver Ariosto
20. Chazelles Pivoines design fireplaces
21. polar table
22. Wardrobe

Turquoise Color Scheme

Turquoise and Yellow Interior

Turquoise color scheme by Laura C. Bielecki

1. Murano glass dish

2. Karma Cabinet

3. Vanita light

4. Lace linen pillow by Thomas Paul

5. Istanbul silk twill pillow by Thomas Paul

6. Vertigo Corian rectangular tray designed by Andree Putman

7. Ladies Desk

8. Shells on Silver Stands $168-$298

9. Bocca coral $475.00

10. Plum Blossom