Top 10 Interior Design Trends of 2010 – Black walls

Top 10 black walls 2010

Black wall white couch


One of my favorite Interior Design Trends of 2010 was black painted walls. The dark look came around in 2010 in the form of chalkboard paint, wallcovering, paint, wood and fabric. Black paint is a sexy and sophisticated way to upgrade a space. It is bold, crisp and able to transform a room for ordinary to extrordinary! It can be used as an accent wall to showcase artwork, glassware, dishes, frames, furniture or lighting…. basically anything with texture or visual interest. This color is especially great at showing off delicate textural items in white or bright colors.

Masculine Interior Design Black wall


Black is about high contrast and making a statement. Ultra glossy paint, matte paint and textural wallpaper  are great options but they play up very different feels. Remember they are just walls and you can always repaint or recover the walls if you get tired or overwhelmed with a color.

Black Dining Room walls


Dining rooms and bathrooms do very well with darker colors as deeper tones can provide a far more cozy and sensual experience, particularily in candlelight. Consider mixing the noir walls with warm gold, orange or red tones for a warm intimate feel.

Bulgari Hotel Interior


Black and white are the perfect pairing. White trim can define a space and add the contrast required to freshen the intensity of black. Large scale white furniture, lighting, picture frames or mirrors can be used instead of trim to achieve the same balance of dark and light in a space and can make the room feel bright and clean.

Black walls, black ceiling, black floor and white trim5.

Versace Home Collection Park Plaza Residence6.

Versace fashioned a fabulous set of residences at the Park Plaza in New York with dramatic black and white interiors. This photo is what sold me on black walls for good. Very clean and chic for a contemporary twist to traditional moldings and trim work.

Vine Hotel Guest ensuite7.

Bathrooms and powder rooms can have a higher class feel, sense of mystery and refinement simply by adding black to the walls and/or tiles. This bathroom I found on Contemporist from the Vine Hotel in Madeira Portugal. Consider using high gloss finishes like Thermofoil, glass mosaics, ceramics or waxed or foil  wall coverings to achieve a reflective and super glossy shine for your high profile space.

Black Wall Panels8.

Martha Steward Bedroom Design9.

Matte black wall paint and guilded mirror10.

I think we will still see more dark walls in Interior Design trends of 2011 but they may be more deeper shades of color rather than black. Personally I am going to keep both black and grey walls in my repertoire of paint colors for the next few years as both shades offer so much potential in a variety of styles.

12 thoughts on “Top 10 Interior Design Trends of 2010 – Black walls

  1. I love the color black, it’s my fav color so naturally I’m thrilled to see it become as trendy as its been. It’s no longer limited to “gothic” and depressed ppl…

  2. Wonderful post on black walls! I have yet to use them, the closet has been navy. The shots you posted are definite confidence boosters! I am going to try with a dining room!
    Happy New Year!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  3. Thanks for the love Jamie :)
    Make sure to post your new black dining room to your blog. I would enjoy seeing it!
    I have seen your site and beautiful work before. Keep it up and stay in touch.
    Happy New Year to you too.

  4. I agree with you completely Miya, with lots of touches of white or bright colors black can really make a room pop. No need for an Adams family flashback!

  5. See more pieces of exclusive lighting design on Maison & Objet 2011! This is a great event, I can wait for it, I really want to see all the great brands!

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  7. These looks are stunning I am really impressed and actually quite surprised at how well black goes with the colour white and bold colours. I think you have to have a very clear vision of the type of look that you want to ultimately create and have a good eye to understand how to relate black to a room, furnishings, accessories and other colours. These rooms look amazing.

  8. I enjoy what you give, the Top 10 Interior Design Trends of 2010 – Black walls. amazing and enough to give a formal information.

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