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Pinterest is the latest and fastest growing social media site in the world that has taken off with extreme power. The site is a fast and efficient visual media sharing tool that connects people to varied inspiration and information. With nearly 12 million users in only a 2 year time frame this site has made a dramatic impact for designers of all avenues (fashion, graphics, interiors architecture etc.), advertisers, bloggers and forward thinking companies with a grasp on how this tool can be used. The sites mission is simple “Connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.” In recent months the sites copyright policies have been under scrutiny. The site has now had legal consult and revised their terms also including a “no pin” meta tag script for websites who do not want their images/content pinned by Pinterest users. Important to know if you do not want your online portfolio spread across Pinterest within hours of someone pinning a single image. Note that if you are media savvy you can connect a few dots with the sites ability to send you to the source web page of the original pinned content. This means that if you share your portfolio or blog images directly from your site you will end up with a potentially large quantity of hits back to your website – A fantastic opportunity for ROI!

For more on Pinterest from myself and other members of the Dubai Interiors contingent check out the June 2012 issue of Commercial Interior Design Magazine here:

Commercial Interior Design Magazine June 2012 issue - Pinterest Article "Friend or Foe?" page 23-24 featuring Emma Stinson of DesignEm and myself Laura Bielecki of Luxury Interiors Design Blog and GAJ (Godwin Austen Johnson Architects)

The site lets each user “curate” themed “boards” (folders) of visual content. Users are able to save images from others boards, upload their own images or pin directly from websites and blogs. Users can also share pin boards having multiple curators. As a designer it means I can have boards for hospitality, retail, residential, bathrooms, kitchens, accessories etc. where I can collect a range of images relating to the topic. It also means as a company the whole team of designers could contribute to a single or series of boards. By adding like minded designers to my profile I can view their updated visuals and pin the ones that interest me to my boards. The greatest feature is that I can write text below each image to classify it and search for it later or remember what I liked about it or what project I was thinking of it for. Note however that for the time being all boards are public. This may however be revised in the next few months.


Luxury Interiors Pinterest Page Luxury Interiors

When design offices have picked up with a swarm of fast paced projects there typically is virtually no time available for research and conceptual development. This means that flipping through magazines, websites, personal files, past projects, suppliers catalogs etc. is no longer a fast enough feasible option for pulling inspiration images. With 5-15 minutes a day designers can pin image after image onto their boards for current or future projects making them easy to recall when things get tight. I often spend the first 10 minutes of my lunch hour perusing the latest visuals that are presented to me and filing them away like the visual information hoarder I am.

So how do you get on Pinterest? Currently the site is still by invitation only meaning that you have to have someone (like me) send you an invite. The other option is to apply online and await Pinterest’s approval of your application (which tends to take a few days-weeks). Once you are on start creating boards that you would like to pin visuals to. Consider starting off with broad topics like Residential and as you begin to be addicted with the site you can create more specific boards like Kitchens, Bathrooms, Foyer’s etc. Once you have Pinboards ready you are then ready to add some inspiring pinners. Your best bet is to search for interior design related topics by users and follow the users who look like they have content you are interested in. Be sure to follow yours truly

Consider yourself forewarned, this site IS addictive.

Happy Pinning.

Laura of Arabia

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