Luxury Products at the Dubai World Luxury Expo

Dubai Luxury Expo

World Luxury Expo Series Middle East

I just got back from a fantastic evening at the 2013 Dubai World Luxury Expo held at the Burj Al Arab. The 3 day exclusive invite only event which began this evening is filled with luxury brands to dazzle our life. Luxury in Dubai is defined according to this event along with many of the UAE’s elite as a combination of brands such as:

Hastens beds with a new introduction of an exclusive Hotel range of luxury mattresses targeted at the unique, customer driven, 5 star hotel market. Not to mention a classic range of residential products that can make you melt into a blissful nights sleep.

Steinway handcrafted music hall quality pianos (1,000 max. made per year) along with its counterpart Crystal Rocked Pianos an exclusive and luxury collection of Swarovski clad instruments.

Bentley motors rolled up with their luxury lineup.

Cantonnet & Cantonnet rocked their bling earrings

The London Robe Company strutted some superior masculine chic men’s suits with the launch of their Knightsbridge Collection, blazers and robes worthy of the Playboy mansion,

Pro Art Gallery Dubai flaunted some Miro and Dali originals as if they were just another item in the collection with pieces equally as fascinating and distinguished.

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