Interior Design Trends 2013 & 2014

Trend Tablet curated and inspired by the forward thinking and creative touch of Lidewij (Lee) Edelkoort

Design Days Dubai 2012 brilliantly brought the world’s most renowned trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort to the UAE for an enlightening talk about the trends in fashion, interiors, graphics, cosmetics, automobiles etc. for 2013 and 2014. Lidewij is a fantastic resource for designers in creating products and interiors that have longevity past the current year as she forecasts ahead by at least 2 years. An inspirational design leader shared some of Lidewij’s main points as they relate to the future trends in Interior Design with me. I thought it best to share a few of them with you as I have begun to see many of these trends emerging, most noteably with the recently held ISaloni furniture, kitchen and bath show in Milan and Maison & Objet in Paris.

Here are a few key Interior Design Trends for 2013 + 2014:

  • Yellow is the new Pink! The color will dominate with vibrancy making for lively and stimulating color palettes, fabrics and fittings. Watch out Pantone Tangerine…. yellow will have much more staying power! The question is which shade…

Yellow is the new Pink (source unknown)

  • Pattern is making a comeback. Let’s not over focus on color blocking as historic patterns are being recreated with the strongest new trend: a white background. Foresee fabrics and wall coverings bringing small and massive florals with white backdrops, vintage prints with a twist of white, bold colors and patterns thrown onto a white canvas…. you get the jist! Whatever it is do it on white to make it in style.

Floral Print on a white Background (manufacturer unknown)

  • In regards to Pattern stop being so matchy-matchy the trend will be to clash your fabrics and stimulate the senses, this goes hand in hand with the yellow trend. Have more fun with your palette by throwing together stripes, florals, hand sketches and geometrics in an array of colors and textures. Patterns will also become more inspired by Folklore african, bulgarian, mexican…. animals, culture and crafts will all come in to play. Watch for designers like Adriana Hoyos and Kelly Wearstler and galleries like Espasso

Kelly Wearstler’s Office Entryway via

  • Touch is the biggest sense to focus on. Fabrics and finishes should all be touchable, textures with warmth and depth are preferred engaging the user into the space with all their flesh. The colors of sand and stone will prevail. Be inspired by your morning whole meal bread with the warmth of beige and neutral. These colors mixed with white will allow the texture and touch of materials to take the forefront. 2013 will be about experiencing and engaging in your home rather than passing by it. This trend is brought about by a need for the caring of others with the natural sense of touch. Tactile qualities, the color of flesh and nails, the softness of suede and non blatancy of lack of color. Think of natural materials with texture and neutral tones like roots and washed up wood.

Interior Design trend – Roots

  • One step further will make Mushrooms the form of choice to spruce up the fun, intrigue and whimsy of interiors.
  • Design will shift from being about a single person to being about a group. The group dynamic will make projects more exciting and thought out. Having numerous designers running their hands over a project will refine and strengthen the concepts. This will also make for incredible sales tactics showcasing the numerous talents of a design team. One designer will focus on the finishes even creating custom fabrics and patterns, another on the space planning and innovative movement through the interiors, another on custom lighting and ambiance. Consider this with your firm; can you make a design team work to excel at projects completing them in the demanded tight time lines without jeopardizing the design by having group concept and diverse backgrounds? The black sheep will be dead as design begins to highlight human skill and ability to make presentations pop. Collectiveness is key.
  • Embroidery, knitting and hand craft. We have seen this wave take off through sites like Etsy and re-created in stores like Anthropology or Forever 21. Think large scale knits and macramé taking off in decor and furniture. Its times like these I wish I had tried my grandmother’s attempts at getting me to cross-stitch, sew and knit! Watch for designers like Patricia Urquiola and custom kids plush toys from Child’s Own

Interior Design trend – knitwear


  • An entirely different trend will be a longing for order and repetition will a love for stripes and squares. Think bold red and white patterns and gingham.

Bold stripes in black and white (Stripe-bombing)

  • Graphic work will be more handmade and rough. Hand sketches, photos of handmade work, craftsmanship etc.
  • The happiness and/or foolishness of everyday objects. Don’t just buy a chair; buy a chair that makes you smile. Silly but structured items. (Fashion will lead with clowns, mimes and oversize bow ties). Design should be fun and lively. Take materials out of context and use them in a new way. Handmade and spontaneous will bring more fun and whimsy to interiors. Like using a measuring cup as a flower vase or hanging forks and spoons from a chandelier. Thinking in a childish and cost effective way the mind will let everyday objects receive new functions. Who said you can’t upholster your couch in your old jeans or your pillows in your favorite shirts and scarves? This brings me to another trend…. scarves! They will be everywhere or at least the concept of them. Long drapes of fabric flowing off of things, light breezy materials and extra fabric.

Teapot lamp via Anthropology

  • The beauty of the un-done: unfinished trimwork and detailing with a homemade and adaptable feel bring warmth and creativity to the home.
  • African influence is back. Think black and white, voodoo, spirits, bold monochrome geometrics, hallucinations, blur and the red and white of sacrifice. Watch for companies like Ege Carpet and Moroso

Ege blur photo art rugs

Ege Carpet Tribal Poetry

Tribal patterns

  • The Romantic period will make a comeback with dramatic high collars and balloon pants for fashion. The one difference from the Romantic period will be the focus on groups rather than individuals. The balance of life and placement of accessories in groupings and the spaces in between will play a major role in accessorizing.

Karl Who? Mr. Lagerfeld is still in style rocking his statement high collar

  • Surrealism and enchantment will let spaces tell stories. Alice in Wonderland and Disney classics meet interiors. This may tie in with the trend of Humor with gimmicky items like smiling robotics. Children will be delighted to dress like characters with the full freedom to dress like something else (a craze that has already dominated Japan). For this trend watch for companies like Gervasoni

Gervasoni gnomes and mushrooms

  • Calligraphy and hand sketching will be huge… there are already some amazing examples.

Hand-sketched ink art

Text in the ceiling (designer unknown)

  • My favorite trend based on what is happening in society is the relationship of men in the home. Men are spending more time at home making their lives more equal with women and participating in decisions about home design and work/life balance. This means that interiors will begin to have more male dominance and masculine features. Think Paul Smith suit fabrics for upholstery and heavier furniture. A quote from Lidewij Edelkoort herself: “this major evolution of society is going to create a very new generation of kids that have been fathered and mothered at the same time; a fact of society never witnessed before. These children will possibly be more in harmony with the self and will be able to reach out to the role models in both genders. Creating equilibrium and a new dynamic and only god knows what will happen to the oedipus complex?” She predicts that male fashion will become softer with more elegant and romantic taste.

The House Husband…. next generation of home!

  • With the aging population and higher life expectancy the relationship with grandparents and grandchildren will change bringing about a very blended collection of old and new…. handmade and technology. Reincarnation of old furniture with new finishes will also evoke this trend.

New vs. old – mending generations through design.

  • Design will be about coming down to earth with farm and city merging to a more sustainable future. Think green walls and garden rooftops with livestock. This trend has staying power and will snowball into a lifestyle and global movement. The slow food and slow healing movement will be instrumental.

Vertical Gardening, Green walls and slow food

Bloom magazine - appetizing slow food

Bloom magazine – appetizing slow food

  • Objects will be in clear boxes safe from the outside world and showcased. For this trend watch for designers like Paula Hayes

Paula Hayes-dometer terrarium

Paula Hayes – Giant Terrarium Exhibition

For more inspiration and knowledge about the trends of tomorrow follow the innovative and interactive website called Trend Tablet. It focuses on some key trends like BLOOM the floral phenomenon, Collages and their ability to make people see things in a different light.

One word of advice however…. Trend Lightly!

~ Laura of Arabia ~

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  1. Very nice forecast of what’s going to be hot in house designs for 2013 and 2014. Can’t wait to see these forecasts applied on the designs of major luxury hotels, villas, and other accommodations. These will surely bring a storm of changes in high-end residences as well.

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  3. I’m glad that warmth and textures are an on-coming trend. Everything looks smashing! “Don’t just buy a chair; buy a chair that makes you smile” is a great philosophy to take.

  4. Great summary – thanks for sharing. I have already seen several of these trends coming through at the design trade shows. I particularly love the happiness and/or foolishness of everyday objects. Who doesn’t want something in their home that doesn’t make them smile.

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  8. I love the layout and aesthetic of your site. It’s funny, as I was reading about the forecasts, I had this thought about what would happen if one implemented it all. I truly appreciate your closing phrase of, ‘Trend Lightly’. Read my mind!

    I’m a fan of the textures: roots, mushrooms, chunky yarn & such.

    Nice entry!

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    Keep writing!

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