Interior Design Trend 2011 – Marmara Marble

Marble Bathroom Floor Tiles

"Calacatta Zebrino" Marble

I have been seeing this stone for the past 4 years in many applications and in 2011 I am predicting its going to get a lot more attention. This stunning marble has a beautiful and contemporary look that allows you to play with the grain just as you would do with wood. I love seeing it in Herringbone applications or staggered on a wall. When you are laying out your tiles/slabs be sure to focus on how the grains are flowing. Book matched may be difficult but would give you a pristine linear look. I love to see the tiles more random, emphasizing the edge of each tile as it gives a wall or floor a lot of visual texture and pattern. I have seen this marble named a few different ways but I am pretty sure that the correct name is Marmara Marble. Some other pet names suppliers have given this Turkish marble are Calacatta Zebrino, Mink and Asher grey. You can find this Stone from most distributors and in Edmonton I get it from Julian Tile. Don’t just think of this stone for walls and floors though, it makes an excellent countertop, quarter turned mosaic tile, custom mosaic accent strips, threshold strips, table top, bar counter etc. I could even see this used fantastically for furniture, vases and carved sinks!

For whatever reason I had a hard time finding images of this stone. I am sure i have a few more in my database that I will stumble upon one day – and will add asap. Do you have any great install photos or reference images? I would love to see them and add them to my post. Dont be shy!

Do you think this stone will be a hit in 2011?

Marble floor tiles

Herringbone Marmara Marble Floor

This one is super stunning it almost looks like horn rather than marble and the grain is fantastic!

Ann Sacks Marble Tile

Ann Sacks Marmara Marble

Ann Sacks knows how to apply marble in various patterns to achieve a beautiful room in just one material. I love the combination of long slabs for the wall and thin tile herringbone for the floor.

Marble Vanity tops

"Mink" Marble vanity backsplash

This is a very classy example of mink marble without being overdone or too trendy.

Marmara marble wall and floor application

Six senses spa in Turkey

Luxury Spa

Six Senses Spa Turkey

The Six Senses Spa in Turkey has taken this stone to its full potential accentuating the lines and pattern you can create with this linear marble. They obviously had some great installers as well for such large wall slabs and book matched seams.

Maramara Marble vanity Top

Maramara Marble bathroom

Witt Hotel Istanbul Suite Washroom

Witt Hotel Istanbul Marble Washroom

Mink Marble slab

Marmara Marble countertop

This is a great example of how someone who may be afraid of such a bold material choice can still enjoy the product without being overwhelmed by it. Seeing a marble in slab format can really accentuate the details in a bathroom or even make the space look larger.

marble floor tile installation
Marmara Marble Install

Check out this amazing installation and a great example of how you can play with the natural line work of the stone.

Antica stone bathroom

Antica Tiles by Glen Peloso

They did a good job of lining up the seams on this job, tough thing to do with some installers. I think I would still recommend always offsetting or quarter turning the tiles to emphasize the grout lines.
Antica Tile and Stone Bathroom and Tub

Antica Tile and Stone Bathroom and Tub

This stone looks stunning with this dark grey wall color. Very in style and exciting!
Rottet Studio Architecture and Interior Design

Rottet Studio Paul Hastings Office

Lauren Rottet has officially become a design icon to me. Ever since I first visited her firms website Rottet Studio I have been captivated by the innovative, benchmark designs her company creates. The Paul Hastings series of offices her studio has completed are all stunning with their use of materials, textures and elegant features. Here are some amazing examples of her use of Marmara marble within an office interior.
Paul Hastings board room table

Rottet Studio marble board room table

Marble floor detail

Paul Hastings office floor detail

Rottet Studio marble office kitchen

Marble office kitchen

Some places I have spotted this stone or its tile knock off: Holt Renfrew Calgary and newly renovated RW&CO stores

13 thoughts on “Interior Design Trend 2011 – Marmara Marble

  1. this is such a great post Laura…I’ve always loved Carrera marble but this certainly takes it up a notch…it’s stunning in all applications…thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m with Yvonne … this is stunning. I love the strong lines and certainly would consider it for my own space. I love it in countertop application for sure, but I think I’m totally crushing on the herringbone pattern on the floor. Very chic and I love the touch of masculinity! I’m glad I saw your tweet this morning, otherwise would have missed. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. The Marmara Marble looks classy. I like the floor tiles, which are looking very similar to parquet… but also some bath-rooms look stunning. Just wonderful!

    Thank you!

  4. Wow, this is very unique! I really like it, but I think you have to know how and where to use it, or it can become too “busy” for your eyes. I love it as a countertop.

    Have a great day, Laura.


    Luciane at

    PS: How’s the preparations for your trip to Italy?

  5. The herringbone pattern is stunning!
    A more difficult marble to apply to a project, but speaks volumes when done right.

    Nice post.

  6. Hi Laura,
    I am considering this marble for my fireplace – the slab would be 9′w x 4’8h (fireplace cutout is 46”wx29″h and is asymmetrically placed, only 1′ from the left). This is the first site I’ve found showing the marble in use, I am nervous it’s quite a statement for the fireplace. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the comment Ellen!
    Can you send me a photo of your fireplace?
    Marmara marble is perfect for a smaller statement piece like a fireplace and it should work out wonderfully. If I can get more of a visual I can give you some better feedback!

  8. Hi Laura,

    Marmara marble is so stunning! It is so exquisite, refreshing and clean. It is amazing how many ways you can lay it to create your own unique pattern. It definitely makes a strong statement.

  9. It is really stunning in design. Application of ths marble is not easy coz too much variation from light to dark.
    This stone is extracting at Marmara Island near Istanbul. You may find this stone at Hagia Sofia, Istanbul/Turkey.
    I may have some pictures of this stone at Hagia Sofia.
    Great work…

  10. I have seen lots of pics of this and I think it is stunning. I live in Poinciana, FL and was wondering about who might do this in my area and of course what the cost would be. I live in a 2 story 6yr old house and am only considering the downstairs at this time. Would like all info I can get on this because it is absolutely beautiful. Also a friend and my husband might be interested in stating up a business in our area depending on start up fee. Please let me know. Sincerely, Barbara Ireland

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  12. Very nice article that Marmara marble look classy and uniquely. Marmara marble used on every place and designed with different colors.

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