Grand Entrance Doors

residential front door

Classy residential front entry doors

When it comes to selling a home the first and last thing a buyer sees and touches in the front entry door. A door should make a statement to the entry of something grand and special. the weight and ease of swing leave an impression of the quality and care taken with the home or space. Doors have an aesthetic role to give an impression to viewers of what lies beyond.

Fashion Boutique Las Vegas

Oscar de la Renta store facade at the Wynn Las Vegas photo: Laura Bielecki

I am always the most nit-picky with my clients on the appearance of their entryways and the effect their entry door leaves on guests. My biggest pet peeve is the hideous metal or plastic screen doors the disguise any visual interest or presence to the feature that is a homes entry. Please… if anyone is listening take a second look at your front door and ensure it pops. Use bright or bold colors, high gloss, well crafted hardware in metal wood or glass and make sure it fits with the character of your home and lifestyle. For safety’s sake don’t make it in all glass with no privacy and have a peep hole or another form of view so you can protect your home and loved ones.

Candy and Candy Interiors

Candy and Candy Interiors London leather and wood door

Wynn Las Vegas retail shops

Wynn Las Vegas Boutique door

Solid wood door

Candy and Candy Interiors London - Solid wood door

Sherle Wagner New York - Park Plaza Hotel

Sherle Wagner New York custom hardware and bath fittings


Landry design group entry door

Landry design group entry door

Front entry door in New Orleans

Front entry door in New Orleans

Unique but high end door

Unique but high end door

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