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In a world of Social Media where every person tries fights their 15 seconds of fame of “discovering” something cool for the first time… the true hero’s of fashion and design are the photographers that capture the moments, aura and color of the spaces, fabrics and concepts that have been painstakingly thought up. These photographers thrive off of creativity and can make something brilliant even more spectacular with the madness behind their lenses.

A few movies have been made following the lives of these faces behind the cameras. Both The Sartorialist and Bill Cunningham have lead beautiful careers documenting fashion on the streets.

Bill has got to be one of the cutest and most real people in the entire fashion industry. The pureness of his passion comes through so strongly in this documentary. I worked with a Filipino architect in Montreal who had the same personality, charm and passion. He had worked alongside Calatrava in the design of BCE place in Toronto and had seen the architecture world evolve in Manila and Kuwait. While many may have thought he was a bit odd his alternate life path was fascinating to me. I was very drawn to learning more about his experience and how he in his old age could be living in a dorm with 7 others, no longer designing and living without the need for financial incentives – and smiling each and every day. I laugh each time I remember him standing up out of his desk and singing full blast “You’re beautiful…” with his arms in the air each time James Blunt’s song came on. I have unfortunately since lost touch but I am sure that he could most likely be seen wandering the streets of Montreal enjoying the market, people watching and making the most of each of every day’s small things. 2 thumbs up to Bill and my former colleague for showing the purity of a simple passion and living a life by their own rules.

My favorite thing The Sartorialist (Scott Schumann) talks about is how in the past you used to only be able to people watch in your own park, now with blogs you can watch people in parks around the world. How true is this for the design world? the rapid rate of information exchange allows designers the ability to access more information, more technology and more trends faster than before which allows designers the opportunity to be inspired from more of the world around them.

But who are the faces behind the Architectural lense? What photographers are capturing the Architectural Digests and Home Decor magazines of the world? I would love to see a documentary of some of the great minds behind the documentation of the built environment. Know some of the greats? share their websites below :)

One final piece of visual and audio inspiration… unrelated but passion filled. The talented lil’ crabe does freestyle yoga!

Have an inspiring weekend and don’t forget to share your passion with the world.

Laura of Arabia

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  1. Laura you speak with such eloquence about so many different things… inspirational quality so crucial to the world of design!

  2. “Lil’ Crab” is impressive. I’m speechless, thank you for the sharing. You have truly an inspiring blog.

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