Teal Interior Decor

Every woman wants a beautiful home that captures their spirit and personality. In a teal and white scheme like this you can picture a well poised young woman who irons her sheets, bakes cupcakes and whistles while she vacuums. She has a bounce in her step and loves all the flowers of spring. I like to call this Interior Design for her!

In this graceful color scheme:

  1. A beautiful Manhattan front door. Add your favorite color to your front door in high gloss so that your guests always get a very personal first impression.
  2. muranohouse.com Murano House watch drain. This is such a beautiful jewel for any home. Count the minutes to wash your teeth or ensure you stay fashionably late for the evening with this watch drain.
  3. zgallerie.com Wall decor panel in “french blue”
  4. downtown20.net custom upholstered bench with elegant lines
  5. instyle-decor.com drum stool $495.00
  6. insideavenue.com the sleek and graceful guard dog
  7. zgallerie.com Oh so pretty and elegant dinnerware
  8. zgallerie.com Puccini silver glassware
  9. mosaicopiu.it Italian glass tile
  10. instyle-decor.com geometric pillow $265.00
  11. bobbyberkehome.com fun and ornate pillow
  12. kushcarpets.com gorgeous lush residential area rug
  13. Teal bedroom design. A room like this is successful because of how clean the details and lines are and yet their are still many details and intricate patterns keeping interest in the vignette. Mixing solid color with dense pattern and and accent of white texture is a great way to play with depth and tactile qualities. Bedrooms should be soft and soothing so blue and teal colors are the perfect choice to feel refreshed when you wake in the morning.
  14. lightingforum.com

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