Black Christmas Tree

How to pull off a flawless and bold BLACK Christmas tree and home decor for the holidays

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? For a stylish Christmas that is sure to wow and create a bold look try decorating this year with the most unconventional Christmas decor color… Black!

Black Christmas Decor

Black Christmas Decor

Start yourself off with an artificial black Christmas tree, preferably one that is big and bushy. Make sure it is covered in white Christmas lights (you may need more than an average tree due to the darkness of the tree branches). Find yourself some beautiful and unique Christmas ornaments with lots of sparkle and shine- stick with clear, white, black and silver ornaments. The less color in the decor the more dramatic the look. Keep it as black, grey, white and clear as possible! Red can be used as an accent as long as you have the self control to keep it to a minimum. and silver Christmas ornaments and silver Christmas ornaments

Find yourself a super sparkly garland, large flowers (real or silk) with maybe a bit of silver lining and a bold uncoventional Christmas tree topper. Think of using a wide silver ribbon to create a bow for the top of the tree or sparkling tree branches or even long white flowing feathers…. get creative and be sure to stay unconventional.

At the Edmonton Festival of Trees 2010 one submission was perfectly done as a gorgeous black tree. The designers found a motor to slowly turn the tree and used a large mirror for the base of the tree to make the piece sparkle and shine.

Edmonton Festival of Trees black xmas tree

Edmonton Festival of Trees black Christmas tree Topper

Be sure not to stop at just the tree. All of your presents should be wrapped in metallic silver foil paper or high gloss black with silver or velvet ribbons. Cover your table with ornate black ornaments (the same ones you used on the tree).  Tie a black ribbon around your dining room chairs and switch out your lampshades for black ones! Be sure to add extra bling to your space with extra crystals hung off your chandelier/wall sconces and table laps and use them in your napkin rings and wine glass markers. Overflow an ornate clear glass vase with ornaments and consider an all silver wreath for the front door.

Let me know how it goes and be sure to send me photos!! (

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