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More Starck quotes from good to bad, inspiring to fruitless:

“Anyone can build a building that protects people from heat, sun and cold. What I am determined to do is to make a stage where people can be sexier and more brilliant, a place where they can awake smarter.”

“We have to replace beauty, which is a cultural concept, with goodness, which is a humanist concept.”

“When I design, I don’t consider the technical or commercial parameters so much as the desire for a dream that humans have attempted to project onto and object.”

“In our civilization, there are permanent forms which are part of every epoch and every culture. They are not especially difficult to detect.  A minimal knowledge of physics, astrophysics, and perhaps mathematics, brings to light certain patterns that make these subjects easier to understand. It is striking to see the extreme similarity between these scientific propositions and the forms that recur in all times, places and civilizations.”

“Dreaming is a form of action. Idleness is a form of action. The idle man stares at the sky and sees what constitutes our eternal ceiling. The sky is one of the things that constructs us, one of our constants. But it is not what people believe. I should like to close this circle by turning over in my bed and scrutinizing the stars.”

“I’m not a god, I’m not a genius, I’m not a monk, I make non-design for non-consumers. I don’t know if I do exist”,

“For me, luxury is intelligence and quality. I don’t see a lot of intelligence and quality in luxury when it’s used to make fast, big money.”

“Design is dead”

What are your thoughts on the french product designer? Does he have good points or is he just pessimistic?

Interior Design Quotes

Interior Design quote by Red Adair

A good designer can be worth his or her weight in gold!

A designer can mull over complicated designs for months. Then suddenly the simple, elegant, beautiful solution occurs to him. When it happens to you, it feels as if God is talking! And maybe He is. Leo Frankowski

“People ignore design that ignores people” – Frank Chimero’

‎”Details make perfection,and perfection is not a detail”
Leonardo DaVinci

Interior Design Quote

“There is nothing more trite than a set period – any antique period bought intact for today’s living. But, by the same token, a contemporary house that ignores all vestiges of the past in order to express a purely modern philosophy runs the risk of becoming a stagnant document of its own time.”

Eleanor McMillen Brown, Sixty Years of Interior Design