Laura Bielecki Oil and Acrylic portraits

Laura Bielecki Paintings

Laura Bielecki 2000-2006 Oil and Acrylic Portraits

I don’t share my personal work on my blog often, so when I stumbled across my folder of old works today I had to take a peek and share it with everyone. It’s been over 3 years since I last painted. On New Years eve 2011 I was at my dearest friends home and noticed the paintings I had given her carefully hung on her walls for all to view and I smiled having forgotten them all together. Another great friend just a week ago said he has decided to take up sketching again and wants to bring his sketchbook to Italy with me on our big upcoming trip. It clicked this week how much I miss expressing myself by drawing and painting… why had that not been my resolution for the year! I have been so wrapped up around advancing my career that I have been forgetting to take care of the other great things in my life that make me happy. Thank you both for reminding me of my passions, you know who you are!

This brings me to one of my New Years Resolutions…. Taking an evening painting course again!

Top Canadian Interior Design Firms

Happy Canada Day 2010!

As an ode to my great country I would love to share with you some of the raw design talent that this country produces.

Design Giants & Greats:

  1. YabuPushelberg is a global design icon out of Toronto which specialize in luxury Commercial, Residential, Retail  and Hospitality Interiors on a global scale with great projects such as the W hotel in New York, Fin Restaurant Las Vegas, One Restaurant Toronto, Louis Vuitton Hong Kong, Tiffany New York and Trump Residences Hollywood.

    Yabu Pushelberg Canadian Interior Design

    Yabu Pushelberg

  2. Andres Escobar & Associates out of Montreal does luxury Commercial, Multi tenant residential and Hospitality on a global scale from Montreal, New York, New Delhi and Abu Dhabi to Las Vegas. Some of his prestigious projects include Chelsea Club Residences in New York, The Clock Tower Hotel in New York, Siddharth Hotel in New Delhi, Guess Flagship Store Toronto and the Point Zero Head Office Montreal. I had the pleasure of working with Escobar for 3 great years including a 4 month internship.

    Escobar Design

    Andres Escobar

  3. Cecconi Simone from Toronto also do Luxury Residential, Hospitality, Corporate,  Exhibit and Retail. Most of their work is in Canada and includes XIS Stratford Hotel, Indigo Retail, Alfred Sung, Club Monaco, Sub-Zero Wolf Showroom. They are also well known for their TV show and have been featured in many magazines.

    Cecconi Simone Interior Design

    Cecconi Simone

  4. Patricia Gray focuses on living and working environments and has had great success in Canada, the US, Japan, Singapore and Africa. She has designed celebrity homes and has a very impressive educational background in all aspects of Interior Design. She is also very well known for her blog.

    Patricia Gray Interior Design

    Patricia Gray

  5. Jerilyn Wright is an Interior Designer in Calgary. Her firm has been around for 25 years and she has successfully taken over the higher end market with gorgeous projects such as Astoria on 10th and La Caille on 4th.

    Jerilyn Wright Interior Design

    Jerilyn Wright

  6. Kasian is a well know Canadian Interiors, Architecture and Urban Planning Giant. Originally started up in Edmonton they now have offices around the world. They specialize in academic, civic, interiors, healthcare, transportation, urban development, facilities planning and master planning. Some of my favorite Kasian projects include the Calgary Children’s Hospital, Edmonton Federal Building, Bennett Jones Edmonton, Vancouver International Airport station and Epcor Tower Edmonton. I have has the pleasure of working with Kasian since February 2009.

    Kasian Architecture, Interior Design & Urban Planning


  7. Stantec with its headquarters in Edmonton now has offices across Canada and the US. They specialize in planning, engineering, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, surveying and environmental sciences. Some of their best known projects are the Confederation Bridge, Ottawa and Vancouver International Airport, Whistler Sliding Center, Harley Davidson Edmonton, Westin Times Square New York, RCMP Forensics Laboratory and the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
    Stantec Interior Design


    Please feel free to comment and let me know of any other Notable Canadian Design Firms!

Edmonton Interior Design in Avenue Magazine

For all of the Edmonton crowd if you get a hold of this months Avenue Magazine you will find 2 articles with yours truly quoted. Thank you Caitlin Crawshaw for the great articles on stone selection and creating a welcoming atmosphere for clients in a reception. Feel free to also view the articles online at

Avenue Magazine Article - Set in Stone


Avenue Magazine Article - Open Door Decor

Hermes Tie Design Competition

My coworker Simon Chu and myself took it upon ourselves to enter the intriguing tie design competition for Hermes through the popular website Design boom this past August.

The Hermes competition was aimed at graphic designers to create a new image for an Hermes Tie. With little direction as to where the company was heading Simon and I established a series of ties from the traditional to contemporary. Ties can be high end for black tie affairs or in the form of a bow tie, or they can be an every day colorful statement. Mens ties show both sophistication and personality and can be worn thick or thin silk, leather, satin or cotton. Tie patterns range from plain to extreme and can be as loud or soft as one wishes. The are one of the most common mens gifts and have as diverse a choice and price as any womens accessory.

With Interior Design background and a love for rich fabrics, vibrant colors and strong concept we came up with the following designs. We did not win the competition but we were able to learn how each other works and were able to bond much stronger as a design team. Their will be much more to be seen from the likes of both of us!

Please let us know what you think of our designs. We love feedback!

The Spirit of Paris

The Spirit of Paris

“The Spirit of Paris”
Concept: Hermes prides itself on it French Heritage and is a symbol of style known the world over. This garment takes inspiration from the design of another emblem of France, the Eiffel Tower. The pattern has been created to reflect the architecture of the tower forming an elegant and bold design. Hermes iconic ‘H’ repeats itself representing Parisian style while the dolphins represent the free-spirited nature of the city and its people. The structured geometry of the pattern is balanced by the dolphins and the Hermes ‘H’ to create something which is both chic and playful, allowing the tie to be both suitable for the office and for more informal encounters.

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