Hotel Design Dubai – One & Only The Palm

The One & Only Resort on the Palm is one of my favorite hotels in Dubai for its lobby and guestroom design as well as its lighting. After the half hour long drive down the Palm to reach its furthest point you realize it is such a refreshing and remote getaway in the heart of Dubai.

Dubai luxury Hotels.

The One & Only 5 star luxury hotel & resort on the palm. Images via

Its not often that my jaw drops to drool when I walk into a hotel, in fact I find most of the time my jaw drops in fear when I see some tragic, out of date or cheap Hotel interiors. Fortunately in Dubai amongst the plethora of rush jobs you can find some real gems.

Closeups of the One & Only Resort on the Palm Island Dubai

Pattern, texture and lovely materials throughout the luxury hotel property.

The resort interiors were designed by WA International who seamlessly brought a feminine and Andalusian touch to the environment. “The aim was to create a resort-style hotel typical of the One & Only genre, with influences from Andalusian culture,” says Helen Skea, associate, WA International. “We were inspired by the Alhambra-style exterior created by DSA Architects and made use of detailing from the same period, but added a modern touch with an asymmetrical setting, instead of the formal style normally associated with that era. We also used more contemporary finishes, like highly polished timbers, embossed metals and acid-etched decorative-glass designs throughout.”

Hotel Room Interior Design Dubai

Guestroom Interiors at the One & Only Palm Resort in Dubai by WA International Interiors Dubai

Most of the lighting was by Preciosa who did many fixtures from Blown glass or laser cut metal.

Preciosa Lighting, custom chandeliers, Dubai lighting

Custom Lighting by Preciosa for the One&Only Resort & Spa on the Palm.

What is your favorite hotel design in Dubai?

Stay Inspired!

~Laura of Arabia~

Reception Desk Inspiration

A the Milan Furniture Fair there were a lot of inspiring ideas that came not only from the products on display but also from the booths they were in. Here are some of my favorite reception desk designs from the show.

Alf Da Fre glass and wood reception desk. Image: Laura Bielecki

Glass Reception desks seem to be very popular. Many are beautiful glass boxes with a solid form floating within. This one above at the Alfa Da Fre booth had a beautiful medium tone wood to complement the delicate glass box.

Glass and Lacquer Reception Desk. Image: Laura Bielecki

Office furnishings company Lafano had a stunning Glass and Wood reception desk. Image: Laura Bielecki

Beautiful white contemporary reception showroom name unknown. Image: Laura Bielecki

Another trend seemed to be playing with natural and rough woods to showcase the grain, knots and roughness.

Tre-P & Tre-Piu wood reception desk Image: Laura Bielecki

Knotty wood reception desk - booth name unknown. photo: Laura Bielecki

Smania had 2 great reception desks one was for press and the other for showing off what the company does best- pulling the whole package (walls, texture, signage, lighting and furniture) together. Check out how the table lamp hold up the table! what a beautiful detail. The only thing I would do to perfect this piece for the function of a reception desk would be to add a modesty panel, nothing is racier than seeing a receptionists legs under the table. Also, that padded reception desk is yummy… makes you reach out to pet it. I wish they had designed it with a concealed work surface however so you didn’t see all the staffs junk all over it!


Smania reception desk photo: Laura Bielecki

Smania fabric and marble padded reception desk

Smania fabric and marble padded reception desk

Some of the desks were very simple but make bold statements.


Ligne Roset reception desk image: Laura Bielecki

White and black reception desk booth name unknown. image: Laura Bielecki

Simple forms in LED booth name unknown. photo: Laura Bielecki

Incanto metal reception desk. image: Laura Bielecki

Metal Reception Desk booth name unknown. image: Laura Bielecki

Logica reception desk. image: Laura Bielecki

Sometimes its not about whats going on with the desk but more about the wall behind it. Here are some great examples to showcase a brand.


Presotto reception desk image: Laura Bielecki

Jesse reception desk. Image: Laura Bielecki

Giorgetti Showroom reception desk. Image: Laura Bielecki

And one more great detail on a fabulous reception desk to keep you inspired and bursting with design ideas…..


Moltoluce Reception desk detail. Image: Laura Bielecki

Swarovski Elements Wallpaper at Euroluce 2011

Swarovski booth - Euroluce 2011

Beauty is timeless and for me anything shiny is forever!
I was super excited to see the Swarovski booth at Milan Design Week. Swarovski always goes over and above at shows to exhibit top notch products that will have you dreaming. Walking through the booth for me was like daydreaming in a candy shop. Each fixture was unique and stunning with the sole purpose of catching the light off each and every individual crystal. What makes the best backdrop to a Swarovski Chandelier? most certainly a jewel studded wallcovering like the new Swarovski Elements wallpaper. This is luxury design….

Swarovski Elements Euroluce 2011

The new collection was directed by the vision of company founder Daniel Swarovski who wished to create beauty and enrich the world of fashion through crystal. Be it jewelry, accessories, architecture or haute couture this company has taken sparkle from cinema to catwalk. Renowned wallpaper designer Karen Beauchamp has created this line rich in feathers, stripes, crackle, velvet, diamonds and more. Eleven creations were designed using rich colors like royal blue, eggplant and burgundy intertwined with classic designs like damask, paisley and stripes, all topped off with a dash of Swarovski Elements.


Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the new collection:

Swarovski Elements Wallcovering - Diamond Trellis

The harlequin argyle patterned paper is a patchwork of crystals, metallic effects and a modern expression of sophistication through prosaic geometry of diamonds. Classy, long lasting and gender neutral.

Swarovski Elements Wallcovering - Plume

Plume is a whimsical display of history, romance, nobility and wisdom. It is delicate and bold to make an expressive statement in a space.

Swarovski Elements Wallcovering - Ruffle Silk Jaspe

Ruffle Silk Jaspe is a pure pattern with expressionist luster and surprising elements of crystal.

Swarovski Elements Wallcovering - Versailles

Versailles is my favorite of the collection. A simple and strong pattern ideal for hotels, living rooms, powder rooms and boutiques. It is an opulent pattern in the verre eglomise style of baroque glass art adorned in crystal rocks.


So many amazing options! Let me know what you think.


Blanco Cucina


clean white kitchen and details

Traditional white kitchen

White Kitchens have always been a designers love. The simplicity of the color combined with the countless variations of styles and details always makes for an effortless, clean and refreshing space to make ones coffee in the morning. With the kitchen being the center of the home it is used for cooking, eating, socializing, entertaining and can even be used as an impromptu workspace, homework station and scheduling center. The heart of the home needs the most attention and is the number one place to sink some money into for resale value. Designing a kitchen with all of the basic needs of a busy homemaker or worker is key in making ones life more efficient and removing the tiny hassles of day to day life. I will never forget nor want to return to a life without a dishwasher and I strive to one day have a garb-orator and trash compactor once again.

White marble kitchen via: Desire to inspire

On my trip to NeoCon 2010 last June I stumbled upon one of my new favorite drule worthy kitchen designers who is master of his craft and has equisite taste and creativity in designing some of the most clever high end kitchen details. Mick De Giulio, master craftsman and internationally renowned kitchen designer has created an empire in his craft.

Mick De Giulio-clean white residential kitchen

Quote by Mick de Giulio:  “I believe that a great kitchen has a majic to it that transforms the physical room into a feeling. The great kitchen has a spirit, an aura, an intangible that is real. People are drawn to that kitchen, and they may not know why. The Kitchen sings.”

Kitchen Centric book

Mick De Giulio-White Kitchen


When in his showroom I bought his book “Kitchen Centric” which elaborates with floor plans, images and inspirational quotes the thoughts and concepts behind some of his most beautiful creations.  Every Interior Designer must purchase this book for their library and flip through it prior to any kitchen design… the inspiration and outside of the box thinking is magnificent! Mick De Giulio’s favorite inspirational quote comes from Picasso “Everything you can imagine is real” and it shows.

traditional white kitchen wood floors

Mick De Giulio - townhouse kitchen

White kitchens will always be classic and will never be passe. They are fresh and pure. As Mick De Giulio says: ” the more you use white in a room, the less it feels like an element. The whiteness become dreamlike. Everything white sculpts together which makes everything that is not white pop.”


Whitch kitchen with butcher block

Christopher Peacock - White kitchen

Advantages of a white kitchen:

  • you can easily play it up with any color, shape or style of back splash, wall covering, paint, glass, counter tops and hardware
  • you can explore different styles from contemporary, traditional, country, traditional etc.
  • you can do high gloss white cabinets without looking passe
  • you can have fun with hardware and lighting being the jewels of your space think of over-scale, polished and unique looking pieces to add extra flare and pizazz to make it your own.
  • you can have dark floors for higher contrast and it wont be jaring
  • the look can be quite sleek and elegant and is more likely to be liked by a broader audience – ideal for resale value!
Black and White kitchen

Black and White kitchen

I am hitting up the ISaloni International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2011 this April. Unfortunately this year is not Eurocucina and Bagno however I will be visiting Euroluce which will give me an eyeopening and exquisite look into the world of lighting. Hopefully my next trip will be to return for the Kitchen and bath show.

Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe Kitchen

Tommy Smythe Kitchen Design

Mick De Giulio Handsome Kitchen

Mick De Giulio Handsome Kitchen

Corea Sotropa - Kitchen ideas

via: Corea Sotropa - Kitchen ideas

Alice Lane kitchen

Alice Lane kitchen