Hotel Design Dubai – One & Only The Palm

The One & Only Resort on the Palm is one of my favorite hotels in Dubai for its lobby and guestroom design as well as its lighting. After the half hour long drive down the Palm to reach its furthest point you realize it is such a refreshing and remote getaway in the heart of Dubai.

Dubai luxury Hotels.

The One & Only 5 star luxury hotel & resort on the palm. Images via

Its not often that my jaw drops to drool when I walk into a hotel, in fact I find most of the time my jaw drops in fear when I see some tragic, out of date or cheap Hotel interiors. Fortunately in Dubai amongst the plethora of rush jobs you can find some real gems.

Closeups of the One & Only Resort on the Palm Island Dubai

Pattern, texture and lovely materials throughout the luxury hotel property.

The resort interiors were designed by WA International who seamlessly brought a feminine and Andalusian touch to the environment. “The aim was to create a resort-style hotel typical of the One & Only genre, with influences from Andalusian culture,” says Helen Skea, associate, WA International. “We were inspired by the Alhambra-style exterior created by DSA Architects and made use of detailing from the same period, but added a modern touch with an asymmetrical setting, instead of the formal style normally associated with that era. We also used more contemporary finishes, like highly polished timbers, embossed metals and acid-etched decorative-glass designs throughout.”

Hotel Room Interior Design Dubai

Guestroom Interiors at the One & Only Palm Resort in Dubai by WA International Interiors Dubai

Most of the lighting was by Preciosa who did many fixtures from Blown glass or laser cut metal.

Preciosa Lighting, custom chandeliers, Dubai lighting

Custom Lighting by Preciosa for the One&Only Resort & Spa on the Palm.

What is your favorite hotel design in Dubai?

Stay Inspired!

~Laura of Arabia~

Perspective Lyrique – Architecture Light show

At the Lyon Festival of Lights in 2010 on the Theatre of Celestins, 1024 Architecture pulled off an incredible display with a system of visual distortions on voice command.

At first glance its an average historical building, but its about to undergo a 21st century overhaul of sound and light using 3D mapping. Perspective Lyrique interprets public participation and turns it into large scale projected images.

The truly creative studio kept a blog through the process to show the making of.

Swarovski Elements Wallpaper at Euroluce 2011

Swarovski booth - Euroluce 2011

Beauty is timeless and for me anything shiny is forever!
I was super excited to see the Swarovski booth at Milan Design Week. Swarovski always goes over and above at shows to exhibit top notch products that will have you dreaming. Walking through the booth for me was like daydreaming in a candy shop. Each fixture was unique and stunning with the sole purpose of catching the light off each and every individual crystal. What makes the best backdrop to a Swarovski Chandelier? most certainly a jewel studded wallcovering like the new Swarovski Elements wallpaper. This is luxury design….

Swarovski Elements Euroluce 2011

The new collection was directed by the vision of company founder Daniel Swarovski who wished to create beauty and enrich the world of fashion through crystal. Be it jewelry, accessories, architecture or haute couture this company has taken sparkle from cinema to catwalk. Renowned wallpaper designer Karen Beauchamp has created this line rich in feathers, stripes, crackle, velvet, diamonds and more. Eleven creations were designed using rich colors like royal blue, eggplant and burgundy intertwined with classic designs like damask, paisley and stripes, all topped off with a dash of Swarovski Elements.


Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the new collection:

Swarovski Elements Wallcovering - Diamond Trellis

The harlequin argyle patterned paper is a patchwork of crystals, metallic effects and a modern expression of sophistication through prosaic geometry of diamonds. Classy, long lasting and gender neutral.

Swarovski Elements Wallcovering - Plume

Plume is a whimsical display of history, romance, nobility and wisdom. It is delicate and bold to make an expressive statement in a space.

Swarovski Elements Wallcovering - Ruffle Silk Jaspe

Ruffle Silk Jaspe is a pure pattern with expressionist luster and surprising elements of crystal.

Swarovski Elements Wallcovering - Versailles

Versailles is my favorite of the collection. A simple and strong pattern ideal for hotels, living rooms, powder rooms and boutiques. It is an opulent pattern in the verre eglomise style of baroque glass art adorned in crystal rocks.


So many amazing options! Let me know what you think.


Las Vegas Interior Design – Lighting

las vegas nevada sign

Vintage Las Vegas Sign

Vegas is a lot of things to a lot of different people…. parties, drinking, gambling, nightlife, shows and on and on and on…. To Interior Designers Vegas is ceilings and lighting (on top of everything else of course…)


Aria Hotel main floor corridor lighting photo: Laura Bielecki


These black linear fixtures are stunning. I love the form and the matte black finish of these custom ceiling elements.


Asian dining sin city

Unknown restaurant - Las Vegas photo: Laura Bielecki

My last trip to sin city was in November 2010 and it consisted of 3 solid days of walking the strip with my camera in hand pointed up at the ceiling. I explored every Las Vegas Hotel, Las Vegas Restaurant, Las Vegas Bar, Las Vegas Buffet and Las Vegas wedding chapel I could step foot in to get the best insiders look at the details and concepts that have been realized. Like walking into a candy box of Interior Design excellence most of the spaces are filled with my favorite furniture, fixtures and finishes…. I could point out who manufactured each wall covering or fabric or who’s furniture or lighting pieces  were used. All of the luxury items thrown together like a true sample board come to life. The theatrical nature of each space was typically well considered and thought out… no walls were left bare and no detail spared. I guess this is what it looks like when a project isn’t “value engineered”… That being said however there are plenty of design catastrophe’s in Las Vegas Nevada… overly reflective spaces far past out of date, worn down furniture and beaten up “used” hotel rooms. I had to turn a blind eye so as to only focus on the real design that I was their to catch first hand.


Tihany Design Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental sky lobby designed by Tihany Design photo:Laura Bielecki

In love with ALL Mandarin Oriental Hotels… what a fabulous chain for design excellence!


Twist Restaurant Las Vegas
Bocci 14 pendant in the Twist Restaurant Mandarin Oriental by Tihany Design photo: Laura Bielecki

I was very impressed by the overall design of the Mandarin Oriental. The use of materials was phenomenal and the custom lighting was very well crafted. I was a little disappointed however that i was only given a tour of the sky lobby, lounge, twist restaurant and spa. I really wish I could have taken a peak into the suites… hopefully they will allow me next time.

Sensi Restaurant Bellagio Las Vegas

light and water feature detail at the entry to the Sensi restaurant in the Bellagio photo: Laura Bielecki

Great eye catching signage into the Sensi restaurant at the Bellagio. I was impressed with the  smaller details like a lit sign behind the water feature which makes the logo stand out far more than stainless steel lettering.


Caesars Palace Lobby Las Vegas

Caesars Palace Lobby photo: Laura Bielecki

Caesars Palace Hotel… while over done was incredibly well detailed with ever element considered. The space is magnificent to stand in and the lighting designer deserves a bonus for setting the right mood to the interiors.


Venetian light fixture

Custom venetian chandelier photo: Laura Bielecki

Blue Drum Shade

Casino unkown: Custom blue drum shade photo: Laura Bielecki


European ceiling detail

Plate and cutlery ceiling detail Restaurant unkown photo: Laura Bielecki

Now this totally blows my mind. Why even use a chandelier if you can draw peoples attention to the ceiling with a beautifully ornate ceiling crafted in plates and flatware?! Unfortunately I do  not recall the name of the restaurant since I was all over the place over the 3 days. if I figure it out I will definitely repost.

full height crystal chandeliers

Floor to Ceiling chandeliers casino unkown photo: Laura Bielecki


ornate restaurant and night club interior

Chic interior of a Las Vegas Night club photo: Laura Bielecki


jellyfish chandelier

Custom jellyfish chandelier photo: Laura Bielecki


Custom Lighting in las Vegas

Zia Priven style Las Vegas custom lighting photo: Laura Bielecki


Oriental paper lanterns in las Vegas

Wynn Hotel Las Vegas oriental lamps photo: Laura Bielecki


theatrical lighting

Wynn Las Vegas oriental paper lanterns

The Wynn had my favorite light fixtures  of all time. These theatrical and fun oriental lamps were such a surprise to see and fit perfectly over the grand staircase overlooking the water.