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clean white kitchen and details

Traditional white kitchen

White Kitchens have always been a designers love. The simplicity of the color combined with the countless variations of styles and details always makes for an effortless, clean and refreshing space to make ones coffee in the morning. With the kitchen being the center of the home it is used for cooking, eating, socializing, entertaining and can even be used as an impromptu workspace, homework station and scheduling center. The heart of the home needs the most attention and is the number one place to sink some money into for resale value. Designing a kitchen with all of the basic needs of a busy homemaker or worker is key in making ones life more efficient and removing the tiny hassles of day to day life. I will never forget nor want to return to a life without a dishwasher and I strive to one day have a garb-orator and trash compactor once again.

White marble kitchen via: Desire to inspire

On my trip to NeoCon 2010 last June I stumbled upon one of my new favorite drule worthy kitchen designers who is master of his craft and has equisite taste and creativity in designing some of the most clever high end kitchen details. Mick De Giulio, master craftsman and internationally renowned kitchen designer has created an empire in his craft.

Mick De Giulio-clean white residential kitchen

Quote by Mick de Giulio:  “I believe that a great kitchen has a majic to it that transforms the physical room into a feeling. The great kitchen has a spirit, an aura, an intangible that is real. People are drawn to that kitchen, and they may not know why. The Kitchen sings.”

Kitchen Centric book

Mick De Giulio-White Kitchen


When in his showroom I bought his book “Kitchen Centric” which elaborates with floor plans, images and inspirational quotes the thoughts and concepts behind some of his most beautiful creations.  Every Interior Designer must purchase this book for their library and flip through it prior to any kitchen design… the inspiration and outside of the box thinking is magnificent! Mick De Giulio’s favorite inspirational quote comes from Picasso “Everything you can imagine is real” and it shows.

traditional white kitchen wood floors

Mick De Giulio - townhouse kitchen

White kitchens will always be classic and will never be passe. They are fresh and pure. As Mick De Giulio says: ” the more you use white in a room, the less it feels like an element. The whiteness become dreamlike. Everything white sculpts together which makes everything that is not white pop.”


Whitch kitchen with butcher block

Christopher Peacock - White kitchen

Advantages of a white kitchen:

  • you can easily play it up with any color, shape or style of back splash, wall covering, paint, glass, counter tops and hardware
  • you can explore different styles from contemporary, traditional, country, traditional etc.
  • you can do high gloss white cabinets without looking passe
  • you can have fun with hardware and lighting being the jewels of your space think of over-scale, polished and unique looking pieces to add extra flare and pizazz to make it your own.
  • you can have dark floors for higher contrast and it wont be jaring
  • the look can be quite sleek and elegant and is more likely to be liked by a broader audience – ideal for resale value!
Black and White kitchen

Black and White kitchen

I am hitting up the ISaloni International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2011 this April. Unfortunately this year is not Eurocucina and Bagno however I will be visiting Euroluce which will give me an eyeopening and exquisite look into the world of lighting. Hopefully my next trip will be to return for the Kitchen and bath show.

Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe Kitchen

Tommy Smythe Kitchen Design

Mick De Giulio Handsome Kitchen

Mick De Giulio Handsome Kitchen

Corea Sotropa - Kitchen ideas

via: Corea Sotropa - Kitchen ideas

Alice Lane kitchen

Alice Lane kitchen

Best of NeoCon 2010: Products

Best Of NeoCon Products

Best Of NeoCon Products

 The Merchandise Mart is so large in Chicago that it is hard to put my finger on my favorite products from the trip but I managed to pull something together! NeoCon focuses mainly on Commercial interior design with a heavy focus on contract furniture and floor coverings. Most of the Showrooms are year round spaces but some of them were temporary booths.

  1. 18×36 Commercial Carpet Tile by Shaw Contract Group. In 4 great patterns: Fade, Overlay, Blur, and Laser Cut. The great selection is produced in eco-friendly Eco-Solution Q nylon on EcoWorx tile backing. This company has truly dominated the market for environmental story and aesthetics. Few others match them for the richness of their colors, quality, customer service (Thanks Celeste!) and the timelessness of their designs. I’m glad that they were the first to bring out the rectangular carpet tile and cant wait for samples to come out in the fall.
  2. Joel Berman’s Heat lamp won Gold for decorative lighting at NeoCon. Heat is a light sculpture for designed interiors. Fashioned from a solitary 2 ¼ in. thick volume of acrylic resin, the luminaire is cast in Berman’s signature Arrigado texture, accented with brushed stainless steel hardware, and equipped with a high intensity LED light source.
  3. Davis has created a great line of residential feeling contract furniture that is fully powered in delightful ways. I was also particularily struck by their bench seating- great form and quite conmfortable! Locally in Alberta you can find Davis through Solutions Workplace Furnishings, have a chat with Todd or Shannon and they can bring back some style to your outdated office space.
  4. Kvadrat Maharam came out with this great vintage feeling nordic pattern in great colors called A Band Apart.
  5. I can’t say enough how much I love Tai Ping Carpets. Their exploration of color and texture in wool and silk has been incredible to watch. Here is just one fine example of hand carving, color and play on textures. I can imagine anyone taking off their socks and shoes to run their toes through this piece. This company also suprised me this year by launching a luxury line of carpet tile called Innuendo.
  6. Halcon came out of nowhere. I had never even heard of the company. Turns out they make high end Commercial and residential office furniture. As you can see by this image Simon was rather excited to see the clothes hanging space within the unit. Each and every element was customizable and teh drawers were all felt lined. The Proximus line was impecably detailed with the sliding workwall, eye height open filing, soft cloding drawers, ball bearing slider. The veratility and efficiency of this piece are well displayed and can benifit both the office piler and filer!
  7. DIRTT (aka. Doing It Right This Time) certainly has blown me away. I had never seen an install until NeoCon and am shocked by how advanced their research and product line is. The clean lines and simple details of their project surely put it ahead of all other modular walls companies. These are truly living adaptable systems with infitite capabilities. I am not a health care designer nor have much interest to go that route but their healthcare display gave me infinite respect for how much work it must be to pull of an aesthetically pleasing, ergonomically correct compact hospital room that feels welcoming and clean. Congratulations DIRTT for opening my eyes!
  8. Designed by Scott Wilson the SW_1 conference table for Coalesse is a great modern adaptation to the way we live and work. The casual work setting begs for comfort and flexibility as well as connectivity. This table allows a person to pull their table pad closer to them to make for a better posture and comfort when working with a laptop.
  9. Jofco presented this piece in all white with a few pale blue accents but when I re-looked at it online in wood and black I was completely drawn. This piece is gorgeous and shoudl be a stand alone in any law firm or partners office. Its simple and uncluttered meant to show off stature and how critical the only desk accessory (the laptop) really is.
  10. I was unfamiliar with Carvart until NeoCon 2010. nearly completely customizable the laminated glass can showcase images, materials, textures, graphics etc. in a sophisticated and elegant way. This large peice shown was of two faces with metallic sheer fabric in between giving the image a subtle and reflective quality to it that cannot be captured in photographs. Their website has some great closeups of what they can do. Turns out that they did Andres Escobars 11 Fulton as well as the Park Plaza in New York.
  11. Poggenpohl makes luxury contemporary kitchens. I have been admiring the Porsche kitchen for a few years but it wasnt until visiting the Merchandise Mart in Chicago that I finally got to explore the design and truly appreciate it. The linearity of the design and integration of lighting as well as the assisted opening drawers and cabinets make you feel the qaulity and craftsmanship of the piece. Cabinets and drawers are divided by 5mm thick dark oak. Th eproporation of cabinet heights and depths is truly unique and ergonomic.
  12. Poliform has a great collection of furniture, wardrobe and kitchen designs all in the same style but different proporations and aesthetics. I have used them in the past on a few projects overseas and am in love with particularily the Matrix collection (as shown in photo). There Grey-Dyed Oak is the most beautiful wood and finish I have seen and would love to have it for both my kitchen and wardrobe.

Purple Color Scheme

Purple and Violet colours of femininity, strength and power.

Purple induces sleep and relaxation, lowers body temperature and decreases sensitivity to pain. It symbolizes dignity, royalty and ritual. Its best use is in areas of rest, relaxation and meditation like a spa, yoga studio or bedroom.

Violet can sooth serious mental conditions, over-excitement and over-stimulation restoring peace and calm and inducing deep relaxed sleep. Violet symbolizes humility, creativity, imagination and spiritual enlightenment.  This color is best in areas of quiet thoughtful activity like a craft studio or reading space.

Purple Color Scheme

Purple Color Scheme

In this arrangement of Purple and Violet:

  8. Roberto Cavalli Collection
  10. Brenda Murano glass vase

Custom Sinks

Elkay has come up with a fabulous new marketing strategy that brings the client in on the production team. Now you can create your kitchen, bar, bathroom or playroom sink in whatever size, shape or material. This is a great tool if you have a hard to fit kitchen or never quite liked the system you are forced to wash your dishes in. Whoever said its hip to be square was wrong, bring on the martini shaped sink!

Mystic Martini Custom Sink from Elkay

Mystic Martini Custom Sink from Elkay

Ripple Custom Sink from Elkay

Ripple Custom Sink from Elkay

Check out more at Elkay USA