Black Christmas Tree

How to pull off a flawless and bold BLACK Christmas tree and home decor for the holidays

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? For a stylish Christmas that is sure to wow and create a bold look try decorating this year with the most unconventional Christmas decor color… Black!

Black Christmas Decor

Black Christmas Decor

Start yourself off with an artificial black Christmas tree, preferably one that is big and bushy. Make sure it is covered in white Christmas lights (you may need more than an average tree due to the darkness of the tree branches). Find yourself some beautiful and unique Christmas ornaments with lots of sparkle and shine- stick with clear, white, black and silver ornaments. The less color in the decor the more dramatic the look. Keep it as black, grey, white and clear as possible! Red can be used as an accent as long as you have the self control to keep it to a minimum. and silver Christmas ornaments and silver Christmas ornaments

Find yourself a super sparkly garland, large flowers (real or silk) with maybe a bit of silver lining and a bold uncoventional Christmas tree topper. Think of using a wide silver ribbon to create a bow for the top of the tree or sparkling tree branches or even long white flowing feathers…. get creative and be sure to stay unconventional.

At the Edmonton Festival of Trees 2010 one submission was perfectly done as a gorgeous black tree. The designers found a motor to slowly turn the tree and used a large mirror for the base of the tree to make the piece sparkle and shine.

Edmonton Festival of Trees black xmas tree

Edmonton Festival of Trees black Christmas tree Topper

Be sure not to stop at just the tree. All of your presents should be wrapped in metallic silver foil paper or high gloss black with silver or velvet ribbons. Cover your table with ornate black ornaments (the same ones you used on the tree).  Tie a black ribbon around your dining room chairs and switch out your lampshades for black ones! Be sure to add extra bling to your space with extra crystals hung off your chandelier/wall sconces and table laps and use them in your napkin rings and wine glass markers. Overflow an ornate clear glass vase with ornaments and consider an all silver wreath for the front door.

Let me know how it goes and be sure to send me photos!! (

Beach Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a time for fun and festive celebration and giving, a time to show your heart and light up the world. What better way to express yourself than to personalize your home to your own individual tastes. Picking a theme, color or word that expresses yourself will create an astonishing decor that speaks to you and shows your true self to others.

In the next few days I want to share with you some great bold themes that are anything but ordinary and far more than just a green and red Christmas!

Beach Theme Christmas Decor ideas:

If you still can’t get summer off your mind or you are somewhere hot and tropical like California, Hawaii or even Australia this Christmas bring the seashells home! A beach theme offers a great personal decor statement at a low and DIY friendly price. Keep the decor simple and relaxed to make the decor pop.

Beach Christmas Decor

Beach Christmas Decor

• Make a sea shell wreath for your front door, matle or window! Cover a styrofoam wreath in shells- all you need is a little hot glue and some patience. You can come up with some great designs using different colors, shapes and sizes.
• Make a seashell garland out of pre drilled shells and a fishing line,
• Wrap your presents in a light ocean blue or sea foam green handmade paper with twine or white ribbon and add a starfish, sea urchin or a cluster of shells instead of a big bow.
• Use mother of pearl or iridescent white charger plates
• Make all your accents either white, gold or silver (adding too many accents will make your theme scattered and too busy)
• Use varying heights of candles around the room for a romantic night at the beach setting
• Consider using sand, shells and white/clear and iridescent ornaments to make a grand centerpiece.
• Hang seashells and simple ornaments from your chandelier

seashell ornament beach decor beachgrasscottage on etsy

BeachGrassCottage oranaments from Etsy

• Accentuate your mantle with a piece of driftwood, some candles and a large conch shell
• For a bit of extra bling and refinement spray paint some of your decorative starfish or larger shells in silver or gold
• Can you say mermaid tree topper?
• Mix your tree decor with large shells, water colour baubles and clear glass ornaments filled with beach finds

decorated seashells for xmas

Decorated sea shells

• Give your gingerbread bikinis and toques and cut your shortbread into nautical shapes of stars, anchors and shells.

beach theme gingerbread

Gingerbread in Bikini's

• Serve oceanic fare for dinner
• Surprise your guests and paint a wall Sherwin Williams SW6477 Tidewater or SW6470 Waterscape as a brilliant backdrop to your Christmas tree or mantle wall.

Sherwin-Williams paint in Waterscape and Tidewater
• Keep your linens white and simple- a great backdrop to your decor.

Beach Christmas in Australia

Beach Christmas Decor in Australia via:

Merry Christmas!! May all your trees have Tiffany’s blue boxes under them :)

Tiffany Blue Christmas

Tiffany Christmas

Tiffany Blue Christmas

When you are trying to come up with a color scheme for your Christmas home decorating take inspiration from your favorite things- flowers, food, nature, shoes etc. Try doing something bold and be inspired from your favorite fashion designer or boutique. Hermes orange, Valentino Red or in this particular blog articles case Tiffany & Co’s iconic blue box!

Turquoise and Teal are unconventional Christmas colors but are very in fashion is both large and small portions. This color always makes me think of the perfect shade that is Tiffany blue. Imagine turning your home into a Tiffany’s Christmas masterpiece. This color goes well with light medium and dark woods, light and dark modern or traditional homes…. there is always a great way to bring Turquoise in!

Here are some fabulous Tiffany decorating ideas:

Teal and blue Christmas Holiday

Teal and blue Christmas decorating

My favorite combination for Turquoise or blue Christmas color schemes is white. White is the freshest way to make a color pop, as if the Christmas  ornaments had been dropped in the snow. Add a hint of silver and you have instant sparkle and shine. Turquoise is very in style for Christmas 2010. Try it at home in varying shades from blue to sea foam green in both bold and pastel shades. This look is both fresh and icy! Use vintage mirrors and crisp white lace on your table, don’t forget the silverware! For a great shade of blue for your walls or invitations pick something similar to Sherwin Williams SW6464 Aloe.

Teal Christmas Decor

Teal & Turquoise Christmas Decor

Have you created a beautiful Tiffany’s blue Christmas for yourself? I would love to see the results. Let me know how it went and how you made it extra special.

Pink Christmas Decor

Princess Christmas Decor in PINK!

Color themes for Christmas are growing in popularity. Expressing your individuality in your Christmas decorations will impress your guests and make you feel right at home through the cold winter months. For the princess, barbie or all around pink fanatic the color can be a great bold statement to make a fresh and fun home that looks like cupcake icing and plush animals.

Pink Christmas

Pink Christmas

Keep your Christmas tree itself as either white, ivory, pink or silver for the best effect. Pick unique ornaments that are sentimental and girly. Think figure skates, cupcakes, teddy bears, unicorns, Barbie, picture frames and lollipops. Use all different shades or pink from pale to peach to rose. Play with fun, colorful and unusual items to spice it up.

Even with the bold theme of pink there are many variations to the hue.  You can choose a classy mature woman dusty rose and coral or a Victoria’s Secret fun loving PINK or even a juvenile candy cane and Barbie’s pink. It’s important to stick to the vision and theme or you could make it a flush flop! Personally my favorite pink for Christmas decorating is the mature woman pink with rich tones of coral and dusty rose and accents of pearls and flowers (just like my image above).

For the fun loving Victoria’s Secret Pink decor be loud with black or deep purple and fuchsia for your color scheme. Don’t make the Xmas ornaments too dainty, with this theme you have to keep it loud and graphic. This look is ideal for a teens bedroom, dorm room, retail store or decadent Christmas party!

PINK Victorias Secret Themed Christmas

PINK Victorias Secret Themed Christmas

Teenage Pink and Black Christmas

Teenage Pink and Black Christmas

For the juvenile cupcake pink Christmas add subtle pieces of other colors like turquoise, pale yellow and light purple. Fuss over details with polka dots, stripes, ribbons, bows and texture through your wreath, ornaments and nicknack’s. Make everything feel frosted with sparkled and iridescent shine for a fun and cute xmas. Christmas lights should be soft and sparkling… white is always the best and most versatile option!! pink christmas decor

Via: - colorful pink christmas decor

Candy cane cakes

Candy cane cakes

Send me photos of your pink Christmas. I would love to see what you have accomplished!

Merry Christmas :)