Luxury Bathrooms

Luxury Bathroom

In this Luxury Bathroom Collage:

  1. Towel rod- Brizo RSVP B-Crystal Finial Chrome finish $102.40 US List Price
  2. Swarovski Bathroom need I say more!
  3. Mirror and wall sconce by Eurolegno
  4. Custom backlit washroom mirror design by Wonderwall for the French confectionery Pierre Herme Paris.
  5. I’m not quite sure where I found this baroque sink in black marble but I love it!
  6. Bathtub by Milldue from the Majestic luxury collection
  7. Kohler Sink
  8. Sink Drain by Murano House

Bathrooms have always captivated me in being small rooms with drama and presence. They are often the first thing people renovate  in a home as a “small” renovation. Bathrooms are often the gems of a home next to the Kitchen and increase the resale value exponentially. If you can make a buyer feel like lighting some candles and hopping in for a bubble bath you have checked off a big item on their list.

To me a bathroom is just as much about texture and sparkle as a bedroom is. Playing with the texture of floor tiles and reflection of counter tops as well as ornate qualities in a one of a kind mirror can look astonishing next to snuggly towels and slippers. Treat your bathroom like a spa with scented candles, texture,  the sound of running water and the heat of a nice warm towel. Spare no expense in the luxury of the bathroom and you will surely start your day off on the right foot.

See below for more images from the Milldue Luxury bathroom line.

Milldue Majestic Luxury Bathroom

Milldue in all white

Milldue White Bathroom

Milldue Four Seasons Bathroom

Milldue Red Majestic

Milldue Majestic Bathroom

Milldue Majestic Vanity detail

Purple Color Scheme

Purple and Violet colours of femininity, strength and power.

Purple induces sleep and relaxation, lowers body temperature and decreases sensitivity to pain. It symbolizes dignity, royalty and ritual. Its best use is in areas of rest, relaxation and meditation like a spa, yoga studio or bedroom.

Violet can sooth serious mental conditions, over-excitement and over-stimulation restoring peace and calm and inducing deep relaxed sleep. Violet symbolizes humility, creativity, imagination and spiritual enlightenment.  This color is best in areas of quiet thoughtful activity like a craft studio or reading space.

Purple Color Scheme

Purple Color Scheme

In this arrangement of Purple and Violet:

  8. Roberto Cavalli Collection
  10. Brenda Murano glass vase

The Plaza Hotel NYC

On my last trip to New York I had the joy of doing a tour through the newly renovated Park Plaza Hotel on 5th avenue and central park right in the heart of royal and historic New York City.  This Iconic hotel has been turned into a combination of hotel suites and residences. The majority of the hotel suites face the newly constructed central tranquility garden and the show stopping residences have multi-million dollar views of glorious central park. The renovation cost was over 400 million dollars with custom carpets, Baccarat chandeliers by philipe stark. From the day it opening on October 1, 1907 it was reported to be on of the greatest hotels in the world costing 12 million dollars to construct in its time.

Each suites decor features Louis XV style handcrafted, carved and inlayed furnishings. The bathrooms have 24 carat gold tiles, sinks, faucets and doorknobs and beautiful marble counters and tiles.

Park plaza New York City Typical Suite

Typical Suite

Park Plaza New York City Typical suite bathroom

Typical suite bathroom

Park Plaza New York City Typical Corridor

Typical Corridor with custom blue and gold silk carpet

Park Plaza New York City Corridor bench

Corridor bench

The Luxury condos with the park view were designed by Versace with fabulous and opulent texture and materials.

Park Plaza New York City Living Room and Dining Room

Park Plaza Living Room and Dining Room

Park Plaza New York City Condo Bedroom by Versace

Condo Bedroom by Versace

Park Plaza New York City Gold and Silver Side Chair

Gold and Silver Side Chair

Park Plaza New York City Versace Dining and Living Room

Versace Dining and Living Room

Park Plaza New York City Gold Plated Bathroom

Gold Plated Bathroom

For more gorgeous images, inspiration or to book accomodations for a night in paradise visit the Plaza website

Great video about the Residences

Swarovski Bathroom Faucets

I had butterflies in my stomach when I first saw this new line from Fir Italia. Leave it to the Italians once again to take a classic style and bring it up a notch to “ultra-chic”. Dare I say it, but I would take Swarovski bathroom fixtures over a new pearl necklace any day!