Luxury Bathrooms

Luxury Bathroom

In this Luxury Bathroom Collage:

  1. Towel rod- Brizo RSVP B-Crystal Finial Chrome finish $102.40 US List Price
  2. Swarovski Bathroom need I say more!
  3. Mirror and wall sconce by Eurolegno
  4. Custom backlit washroom mirror design by Wonderwall for the French confectionery Pierre Herme Paris.
  5. I’m not quite sure where I found this baroque sink in black marble but I love it!
  6. Bathtub by Milldue from the Majestic luxury collection
  7. Kohler Sink
  8. Sink Drain by Murano House

Bathrooms have always captivated me in being small rooms with drama and presence. They are often the first thing people renovate  in a home as a “small” renovation. Bathrooms are often the gems of a home next to the Kitchen and increase the resale value exponentially. If you can make a buyer feel like lighting some candles and hopping in for a bubble bath you have checked off a big item on their list.

To me a bathroom is just as much about texture and sparkle as a bedroom is. Playing with the texture of floor tiles and reflection of counter tops as well as ornate qualities in a one of a kind mirror can look astonishing next to snuggly towels and slippers. Treat your bathroom like a spa with scented candles, texture,  the sound of running water and the heat of a nice warm towel. Spare no expense in the luxury of the bathroom and you will surely start your day off on the right foot.

See below for more images from the Milldue Luxury bathroom line.

Milldue Majestic Luxury Bathroom

Milldue in all white

Milldue White Bathroom

Milldue Four Seasons Bathroom

Milldue Red Majestic

Milldue Majestic Bathroom

Milldue Majestic Vanity detail

Onyx Interiors

Backlit Onyx Living Room

Backlit Onyx Fireplace

Onyx is a form of quartz stone. It can vary in colors from white to yellow, green, red and purple. When used as a thin 3-5mm veneer it can be used in many applications with a light to form a glowing natural surface. The translucency of this product even when not lit can convey a very strong depth making any surface it is applied to more interactive and interesting. Onyx is easily dyed so take caution when purchasing slabs or tiles in an “unnatural” color. Most of this illuminated stone comes from Mexico, Arizona and Algeria. amber onyx is a much richer red stone mined in Utah.

Onyx pedestal sink

Antonio Lupi Onyx Barrel sink

This stone can be used for floors, walls, counter tops, water features, light fixtures and sculptures. It can be used in slabs, tiles or mosaics.

Installations range from contemporary to traditional, back lit and non-lit. Onyx has been very effective in highlighting lobby’s, bars and bathrooms and works well for reception desks and sinks.


Hotel Lobby reception desk

Hotel le Germain lobby onyx reception desk Calgary Alberta

Be aware in backlit applications of what fasteners you are using as they may telegraph through the stone when lit. consider framing edges or using very minimal fasteners at the edges of the material.

contemporary backlit onyx reception desk

contemporary backlit onyx reception desk

Backlit white onyx mosaic wall

Back lit white onyx mosaic wall

Book matched Red Onyx bathroom wall

Book matched Red Onyx bathroom wall (non illuminated)

color variations of Onyx

Green, yellow and white color variations of Onyx

Back lit solid onyx bathtub from the Milan contemporary furniture fair 2008

Back lit solid onyx bathtub from the Milan contemporary furniture fair 2008

Back Lit Onyx water feature

Back Lit Onyx water feature


Back lit onyx fireplace

Onyx Media room fireplace



Contemporary living room

Backlit Onyx columns

Lobby Reception

Backlit Onyx Column


Backlit onyx side table

Onyx table by

Backlit onyx wall panel - Backlit onyx wall panel

Onix Bar

Onix Bar

Onyx kitchen counter

Onyx kitchen counter

Onix Bar counter

Residential Onyx bar counter

Onyx Bathroom Vanity

Traditional Onyx Bathroom Vanity

Onyx Fireplace

Onyx Fireplace

Bathroom Design

Wood Bathtubs are a luxury all on their own and can give any home, hotel or spa a very special talked about feature. The home spa is coming more and more into style as the baby boomer generation begins to retire. Affluent couples are looking towards luxury goods that they can have in their own home and use on a day to day basis. Wooden tubs can be a stunning feature. Numerous specialty companies are beginning to make wood and/or solid stone tubs that embody the curves of the human form or the organic lines of nature making the spa experience more relaxing, gentler and bringing the user closer to nature in the comfort of a controlled environment.

Consider looking at companies like:

Bagno Sasso wood Bathtub

Bagno Sasso Leaf shaped Bathtub

Laguna Spa wood Bathtub

Laguna Spa Bathtub

WS Collections classic wood bathtub

WS Collections classic wood bathtub

Bagno Sasso wood Bathroom

Bagno Sasso Bathroom

Customizable Bathtubs

Gruppo Treesse from Italy has a new line of customizable bathtubs to make everyday more luxurious with even more personal touch. Don’t make yourself pick white if what you really want is blue, and why deal with color if you could deal with images or patterns. Explore your own creativity to make your everyday retreat more special for yourself. Consider upholstery, Swarovski inlays, wood veneer… lit your imagination soar!

Gruppo Treesse custom bathtub in white and silver

Gruppo Treesse custom bathtub

Gruppo Treesse Custom Bathtub in Black

Gruppo Treesse Custom Bathtub

Gruppo Treese Custom bathtub in white and gold

Gruppo Treese Custom bathtub

Gruppo Treesse Custom Bathtub in red and black

Gruppo Treesse Custom Bathtub

Check out these and many other innovative bathroom fixtures at