Italian Flower Arrangements and Luxury Lighting


VG NEWTREND hanging wall sconce

VG NEWTREND floor chadelier

sea forms inspired hospitality light fixtures

glowing decorative wall sconces

metal and crystal chandelier pendants

I am still head over heels for the stunning artistry of Vincenzo and Marllena of VG NEW TREND. Their products are so refined and sophisticated. Unlike most Italian companies I find these products are very well presented with rich photography and backdrops, and from what I have seen of images of their stores every last detail of presentation has been considered. The VG of VG NEWTREND stands for Vanin Giancarlo Spa, an Italian company with years of experience and discernment in interior decor. The company is well known in national and international markets for the attention it pays to detail. The VG NEWTREND collection includes furnishing, luxury accessories, lighting and objects made of fine metals, resins, glasses, ceramics and exotic woods. VGNEWTRENDS’ aim is to create visually striking environments which incorporate influences and hints of different worlds and cultures.

I would love to see these light fixtures and chandeliers in luxury hotels, retail stores and restaurants… the mood and quality they exude would perfectly showcase a high end brand. I can imagine a hallway with the hanging wall sconces as the only lighting with rich materials and textures. the amoebic forms of these sea creature like floor lamps would be stunning in a lobby or even under a grand staircase.

Art direction for the company has come from Vincenzo Antonuccio and Marllena Calbini who started up the Scuola d’Arte Floreal Laboratorio Idee a school that teaches the art of flower arranging.

Here are some amazing examples of their floral arrangements that I could imagine in high profile spaces, luxury getaways and dramatic weddings. I love the way they present each flower and use the vase or base as a creative element that goes with the flowers rather than being a separate element. The photography of their products is truly gorgeous!

Italian flower shop

This image is of one of their shops- high end finishing, dramatic lighting and creative displays showing off all of their home decor, floral and illumination objects.

Valentines bouquet

Contemporary plants and flower arrangement

unique floral arrangement and bouquet

feminine flower vases

calla lily bouquet

white rose wedding bouquet

Orange Outdoor Decor

Summer is almost here and I cannot wait to throw on my Louboutin sandals and head down to the beach.  have a nice little vacation at your beach house with some fresh and vibrant orange accents. This color can stimulate your senses and take you into a whole new oasis of fun and vibrant relaxation.

In this vignette:

  1. Ceramic side table: this is a great accessory for both indoors and out to set your martini down  or showcase your latest seashell finds. Continue reading