Laura Bielecki Oil and Acrylic portraits

Laura Bielecki Paintings

Laura Bielecki 2000-2006 Oil and Acrylic Portraits

I don’t share my personal work on my blog often, so when I stumbled across my folder of old works today I had to take a peek and share it with everyone. It’s been over 3 years since I last painted. On New Years eve 2011 I was at my dearest friends home and noticed the paintings I had given her carefully hung on her walls for all to view and I smiled having forgotten them all together. Another great friend just a week ago said he has decided to take up sketching again and wants to bring his sketchbook to Italy with me on our big upcoming trip. It clicked this week how much I miss expressing myself by drawing and painting… why had that not been my resolution for the year! I have been so wrapped up around advancing my career that I have been forgetting to take care of the other great things in my life that make me happy. Thank you both for reminding me of my passions, you know who you are!

This brings me to one of my New Years Resolutions…. Taking an evening painting course again!

Inspiring Contemporary Artists

Geraldine Georges

Geraldine Georges is a young Belgian graphic artist with a taste for illustration and photography.  Her subject is mainly females where she expresses couture fashion with the feminine form. To purchase her prints or fabulous and fashionable pillows visit

Jason Thielke

Jason Thielke‘ s work is about the contrasts of hard lines with soft features and mixed emotions. The beautify of his work comes from the architectural lines and graphic illustrative quality. Most of his work is around the feminine form and portrait. His mixed media includes laser etching, wood panels, lacquer, colored pencil, acrylic and ink.

Michael Zavros

Michael Zavros has a passion for fashion and an obsession with image fused with labels. My favorite piece is the skull! Watch Michael at work here

Barbara Wijnveld

Barbara Wijnveld of the Netherlands expresses fashion and female form through dripping watercolor. Her face is typically the subject line which she superimposes with various female icons such as the status of liberty. “What I make is intuitive conceptual and has an emotional formality” she says of her work.

Maya Lin Architect and Sculptor

Both artist and Architect Chinese-American Maya Lin is fluidly in line with the beauty and serenity of her surroundings.  When only 21 and still studying architecture at Yale University she entered a competition for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial against some of the largest and best known Architects of the time and won.  Her concept was to create a severe open wound in the earth to symbolize the loss of so many soldiers.  Despite the controversy of her being of Chinese heritage the memorial was built and stands as on of the strongest war memorials in the US today.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Maya Lin

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Maya Lin Civil Rights Memorial

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Sicis the art of tile

Mosaics are one of the most luxurious, personal, lavish and stunning additions one can add to a space. They speak of timelessness and can be passed on through generations telling fabulous stories about an evironments history.

Sicis is a highly artistic Italian tile company that has created some of the most stunning patterns with vibrant color palettes.

For more inspiration visit their website

Sicis Dazzling mosaics

Dazzling mosaics

Hotel Panelling

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