Italian Flower Arrangements and Luxury Lighting


VG NEWTREND hanging wall sconce

VG NEWTREND floor chadelier

sea forms inspired hospitality light fixtures

glowing decorative wall sconces

metal and crystal chandelier pendants

I am still head over heels for the stunning artistry of Vincenzo and Marllena of VG NEW TREND. Their products are so refined and sophisticated. Unlike most Italian companies I find these products are very well presented with rich photography and backdrops, and from what I have seen of images of their stores every last detail of presentation has been considered. The VG of VG NEWTREND stands for Vanin Giancarlo Spa, an Italian company with years of experience and discernment in interior decor. The company is well known in national and international markets for the attention it pays to detail. The VG NEWTREND collection includes furnishing, luxury accessories, lighting and objects made of fine metals, resins, glasses, ceramics and exotic woods. VGNEWTRENDS’ aim is to create visually striking environments which incorporate influences and hints of different worlds and cultures.

I would love to see these light fixtures and chandeliers in luxury hotels, retail stores and restaurants… the mood and quality they exude would perfectly showcase a high end brand. I can imagine a hallway with the hanging wall sconces as the only lighting with rich materials and textures. the amoebic forms of these sea creature like floor lamps would be stunning in a lobby or even under a grand staircase.

Art direction for the company has come from Vincenzo Antonuccio and Marllena Calbini who started up the Scuola d’Arte Floreal Laboratorio Idee a school that teaches the art of flower arranging.

Here are some amazing examples of their floral arrangements that I could imagine in high profile spaces, luxury getaways and dramatic weddings. I love the way they present each flower and use the vase or base as a creative element that goes with the flowers rather than being a separate element. The photography of their products is truly gorgeous!

Italian flower shop

This image is of one of their shops- high end finishing, dramatic lighting and creative displays showing off all of their home decor, floral and illumination objects.

Valentines bouquet

Contemporary plants and flower arrangement

unique floral arrangement and bouquet

feminine flower vases

calla lily bouquet

white rose wedding bouquet

Laura Bielecki Oil and Acrylic portraits

Laura Bielecki Paintings

Laura Bielecki 2000-2006 Oil and Acrylic Portraits

I don’t share my personal work on my blog often, so when I stumbled across my folder of old works today I had to take a peek and share it with everyone. It’s been over 3 years since I last painted. On New Years eve 2011 I was at my dearest friends home and noticed the paintings I had given her carefully hung on her walls for all to view and I smiled having forgotten them all together. Another great friend just a week ago said he has decided to take up sketching again and wants to bring his sketchbook to Italy with me on our big upcoming trip. It clicked this week how much I miss expressing myself by drawing and painting… why had that not been my resolution for the year! I have been so wrapped up around advancing my career that I have been forgetting to take care of the other great things in my life that make me happy. Thank you both for reminding me of my passions, you know who you are!

This brings me to one of my New Years Resolutions…. Taking an evening painting course again!

Luxury French Piano Manufacturer Gary Pons

Gary Pons Piano Manufacturer France

While I may not have the ear for playing instruments I most certainly have the appreciation required to enjoy the beautiful sounds of quality instruments and talented musicians. As an Interior Designer I love the beauty instruments can add to a space with their rich woods and metals with intricate details and timeless beauty. I recently stumbled upon the incredible French luxury piano manufacturer Gary Pons who’s pieces are worthy of any collector, pianist, rock band, concert hall or celebrity home.

Gary Pons Plexart upright piano

These luxury pianos are all made by hand from the finest quality stings, felts, woods aluminum and Altuglass featuring curved, etched and sculpted designs original to each piece. These fine instruments are unequalled and cannot be compared to the Steinway, Schimmel and Pleyel pianos of the world. These are finely crafted works of art that make a dramatic statement to any interior and command attention. The SY185 grand piano shown can be yours for a heavy €35,900.

Gary Pons French Piano Craftsman

This world renowned piano manufacturer was privelaged in 2010 to be a part of Luxuria in Monaco, a gallery event that showcases the top luxury companies in the world. The show supports and promotes tailor made luxury, contemporary art and limited edition items for connoisseurs and collectors. All of the items are hand selected from discreet brands and seldom displayed ateliers for being renowned artists and cutting edge in their craft. The show represents the finest in Art & Design, Watchmaking, Jewelry, Haute Couture fashion, Leather goods, Automobiles & Motorcycles, Boats & Private Jets, health, Beauty and Fragrances, High Technology, Sports & Leisure and services. After all wikipedia even defines the word Luxuria as “the cardinal sin of extravagance”.

This year the Luxuria event – a quintessence of  a world of privelages – will take place  in the Grimaldi Forum July 07-08-09 2011

Black Christmas Tree

How to pull off a flawless and bold BLACK Christmas tree and home decor for the holidays

Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? For a stylish Christmas that is sure to wow and create a bold look try decorating this year with the most unconventional Christmas decor color… Black!

Black Christmas Decor

Black Christmas Decor

Start yourself off with an artificial black Christmas tree, preferably one that is big and bushy. Make sure it is covered in white Christmas lights (you may need more than an average tree due to the darkness of the tree branches). Find yourself some beautiful and unique Christmas ornaments with lots of sparkle and shine- stick with clear, white, black and silver ornaments. The less color in the decor the more dramatic the look. Keep it as black, grey, white and clear as possible! Red can be used as an accent as long as you have the self control to keep it to a minimum. and silver Christmas ornaments and silver Christmas ornaments

Find yourself a super sparkly garland, large flowers (real or silk) with maybe a bit of silver lining and a bold uncoventional Christmas tree topper. Think of using a wide silver ribbon to create a bow for the top of the tree or sparkling tree branches or even long white flowing feathers…. get creative and be sure to stay unconventional.

At the Edmonton Festival of Trees 2010 one submission was perfectly done as a gorgeous black tree. The designers found a motor to slowly turn the tree and used a large mirror for the base of the tree to make the piece sparkle and shine.

Edmonton Festival of Trees black xmas tree

Edmonton Festival of Trees black Christmas tree Topper

Be sure not to stop at just the tree. All of your presents should be wrapped in metallic silver foil paper or high gloss black with silver or velvet ribbons. Cover your table with ornate black ornaments (the same ones you used on the tree).  Tie a black ribbon around your dining room chairs and switch out your lampshades for black ones! Be sure to add extra bling to your space with extra crystals hung off your chandelier/wall sconces and table laps and use them in your napkin rings and wine glass markers. Overflow an ornate clear glass vase with ornaments and consider an all silver wreath for the front door.

Let me know how it goes and be sure to send me photos!! (